Securing Big Data in an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Tuesday, 25 September| 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM | N227-228-229

Any company that collects personal data on its customers, from local banks to tech giants, is mandated both by regulation and customer demand to secure that data to a level commensurate with the risk it faces. Physically securing that data on a global scale, with constant changes in privacy regulations, is a challenge that must be overcome by physical security leaders everyday. How do security professionals create a safe and secure environment that meets both the needs of customers and employees and complies with often contradictory regulations? The answer is innovation. Learn how to form partnerships within industries and become enablers of business, not just cost centers.

Session Number: 5308

Type: Lecture

Priority Subject Matter: ASIS International, Enterprise Security Risk Management

Handout(s): 5308_5308-570


Gary Bucholtz

Gary Bucholtz

Global Security Standards Manager

Facebook, Inc.