The Growing Threat to America's Cyber Infrastructure

Monday, 24 September| 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM | N239

The United States is threatened daily by hackers, hactivists, criminal syndicates, state-sponsored collectives, and terrorists. While these groups have different motivations, they all hope to steal state secrets or technologies, disrupt or destroy the critical infrastructure, and disturb the American way of life. Even leading intelligence agencies such as the NSA and CIA have suffered significant losses. Discuss recent attacks, review hidden ways breaches can happen, and dissect successful cyber countermeasures such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Session Number: 4233

Type: Lecture

Priority Subject Matter: Critical infrastructure protection, InfraGard, ISSA

Handout(s): 4233_4233-601


Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald


Orange County Homeland Security Advisory Council