Rethinking the CSO Standard

Wednesday, 26 September| 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM | N120 - CSO Center

The ASIS CSO Standard, created in 2008 and revamped in 2013, sets the benchmark for the leadership role that is responsible for providing comprehensive, integrated risk strategies to protect an organization from threats.  Is it time for the standard to evolve to keep up with the demands of the position? This session will examine the position description and take a deep dive into responsibilities, skills, competencies and qualifications of security executives.  Member feedback will be key to inform eventual revision of the standard.  Copies of the standard will be available.

Session Number: 6323

Type: Panel Discussion

Priority Subject Matter: ASIS International, CSO Center, Professionalism

Handout(s): 6323_6323-842

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Charles Baley

Charles Baley

Chief Security Officer

Farmers Group, Inc.

Jerry Brennan

Jerry Brennan

Chief Executive

Security Management Resources

Sue Carioti

Sue Carioti, CStd

Vice President, Certification, Standards & Guidelines / Committee Secretariat

ASIS International / ASIS CSO Standard