Aviation Lessons on Combatting Insider Threat

Wednesday, 26 September| 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM | N102

Theft, violence, smuggling, and sabotage are among the real insider threats that confront many organizations and the security professionals that support them. In no industry is there greater concern over insider threats than in aviation. Recent incidents of aircraft sabotage abroad have heightened the concern. Theft and smuggling rings in the U.S. have brought additional attention to mitigating insider threat. Join aviation security experts to examine new industry measures, vetting, identity management, access controls, and employee search protocols that are being implemented to enhance security in the aviation industry.

Session Number: 6308

Type: Panel Discussion

Priority Subject Matter: ASIS International, Identity & access management

Handout(s): 6308_6308-422, 6308_6308-731

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ASIS Security Applied Sciences Ad Hoc Council


Shayne Bates

Shayne Bates, CPP

Principal Consultant

Stratum Knowledge, LLC

Michele Freadman

Michele Freadman, CPP

Deputy Director Corp Sec

Massachusetts Port Authority

Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson

Regional Vice President, US and Canada


Bill McAteer

Bill McAteer, CPP

Account Executive

Evolv Technology

Donald Zoufal

Donald Zoufal, CPP

Safety and Security Consultant

CrowZnest Consulting, Inc.